Specialized Mountain Bikes

Offering machines of exceptional quality, Specialized manufacture a range of bikes used in every discipline of the sport. Products are available in a variety of price options and include hybrids and full suspension machines (in both short and full travel variants).

Specialized Crave Pro

This hardtail is specifically aimed at cross country riders. It features a very light M4 Premium aluminium frame and 29 inch wheels, all which contribute towards its amazing overall speed. A Fox Float Evolution front fork, with 100mm of travel, guarantees precise handling both at full speed and in slower, technical sections. It can be locked out for climbs or tarmac.

Seamless, quick gear changes are provided by a Shimano gear system incorporating a custom SRAM S-1255 chainset. Shimano Deore hydraulic  disc brakes (with Ice Tech pads) ensure incredible stopping power with only a two finger grip. With Stout XC Pro rims, specifically designed for cross country and Ground Control tyres, the Crave Pro revels in cross country conditions and is very good at maintaining momentum.  

Specialized Rockhopper Expert EVO 650b 

The Rockhopper Expert EVO is an exceptional hardtail, aimed specifically at bikers with an aggressive riding style.

An aluminium frame, constructed from butted tubes, provides the necessary strength while remaining lightweight. The shaped tubing of the frame helps to deliver both proficient handling characteristics and improved acceleration. Down tubing protection comes standard on the Rockhopper.

A SR Suntour front suspension fork with 120mm of travel ensures precise handling. The fork also has damper adjustment and lockout for urban cycling or ascents. Stout XC 650b aluminium rims and Ground Control tyres add to the already supreme grip provided by the Rockstopper EVO.

A 20 gear system including a custom crankset results in quick, faultless shifting. Braking is provided by Tektro Gemini brakes which are fully hydraulic and perfect on cross country tracks where both stopping power and subtle braking performance is needed.

The Rockstopper is wonderful trail rider but definitely prefers going downhill to climbing.

Specialized Camber

A full suspension, short travel machine, the Camber is suited to trail riding due to its lightweight design, nimble nature and vast array of nifty components.

The M5 aluminium frame, although lightweight, remains durable and strong, allowing 110mm of travel thanks to its enclosed X-Fusion 02 air shock. It also has a number of changeable features including an air spring, lockout for urban and uphill travel and rebound adjustments. A Suntour XCR29 coil spring fork, with 110mm of travel, only adds to the overall manoeuvrability of the Camber. The Specialized 720mm XC Mini Riser handlebar helps to increase bike control on exceedingly rough routes.

A 27 gear Shimano gearing system (with a Shimano Alivo 44/32/22 crankset) imparts slick, precise changes in all situations and is particularly effective when ascending. Tektro Draco 2 hydraulic disk brakes (including Light Wave rotors), afford sufficient stopping power when needed. One small gripe, the brake levers seem to have too much travel leading to a slight delay in braking.

You may also consider replacing the stock stem with a shorter 55mm version. This places the rider in a more attacking position making it easier to achieve and maintain momentum.

24mm Alloy disc rims together with Ground Control 29 inch tyres give the Camber outstanding  traction on all surface types.

Specialized Epic Expert Carbon

The Epic Expert is a full suspension, short travel bike with a FACT IS carbon frame. This lightweight frame, with a fully adjustable FOX/Specialized Mini Brain air shock, has 110mm of suspension travel. This helps to even out the bumpiest track and gives amazing grip and  traction. The rear shock will require servicing after every 50 hours of use.

A custom Rock Shox SID 29 fork containing a Specialized Brain inertia-valve gives 100mm of front suspension travel along with exceptional steering feedback. Both front and rear shocks can be locked out for urban cycling or climbing.

Braking is provided in the form of Magura hydraulic disk brakes. They have excellent modulation but tend to squeal on occasions.  Performance wise they are more than adequate, but some riders might demand more braking ability than they provide.

 20 speed shifting is provided by a custom SRAMS S-2200 carbon 38/24 crankset with a Shimano XTR Shadow Plus 10-rear derailleur. The derailleur at times seems a little delayed when shifting. Royal Control Carbon 29 inch rims help make the bike even lighter and S Works Fast Trak tyres ensure superb grip.

The Epic Expert is lightning fast and very nimble.  It is a brilliant purchase for a number of disciplines including trail rides, cross country and short track riding.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO

A technical trail riding machine, the Stumpjumper full suspension, full travel bike is nimble with terrific handling characteristics, ensuring a stable, lightning quick ride.

The M5 aluminium frame, with a FOX CTD rear shock with 135mm of suspension travel has three specific compression settings which can be easily adjusted. This frame is designed with 29 inch wheels in mind. The front fork, a Rock Shox Revelation has the same settings as the rear shock but with 140mm of suspension travel. This gives stability to the front of the bike on rapid downhills.  The Stumpjumper provides a very neutral riding position, making it very easy for the rider to shift their weight in corners.

A 20 speed custom SRAMS S-1250 gearing system with 36/22 crankset produces fast and reliable shifting you will typically see some motorbikes by Dragon Bike Tours. Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes (with Ice Tech pads) allow accurate fingertip control and are relatively powerful.

Royal Traverse Fattie 29 inch rims together with Butcher Control tyres inspire confidence with their fantastic grip even on the roughest of environments or in wet conditions.

The Stumpjumper is a magnificent machine for a range of mountain biking disciplines.

Specialized Enduro Expert EVO

A full suspension, full travel mountain bike, the Enduro Expert Evo loves to go downhill… fast!

The Enduro Expert offers a lightweight M5 aluminium frame incorporating EVO geometry. A custom Ohilins twin tube coil shock, with a massive 180mm of suspension travel, was developed for the bike. It is fully customizable and ensures stability during fast downhills as well as superb traction in the twisty sections. The shock cannot be locked out for ascents although can be set to aid in uphill sections. The front fork, a Rock Shox Boxxer is suited for long downhill runs and has adjustable compression damping and rebound settings.

A Custom SRAM S-2200 carbon 10 gear system, suited specifically for downhill riding ensures effortless shifting. Custom SRMA Guide brakes provide the necessary stopping power and precision braking needed on downhill tracks.

Royal DH rims and Butcher downhill tyres provide exceptional bike stability and grip.